Let’s look back at the Bulldogs’ trades from 20 years ago… 

The Bulldogs finished fourth on the ladder in 1999, but were eliminated from the finals in straight sets after losses to West Coast and Brisbane. 

In post-season trades, they were among the more active teams in the competition.

Four players left the Bulldogs, with two players and a host of draft picks coming in.

Leon Cameron was traded to Richmond after 172 games in red, white and blue for picks 37 and 66, while Brett Montgomery joined Port Adelaide after 60 games across three seasons for the Bulldogs – before returning at the backend of his career.

Michael Martin (48 games) went north to Brisbane and Stephen Powell (30 games) crossed to Melbourne for pick 35.

In exchange for Montgomery – and pick 28 – the Bulldogs picked up wingman Nathan Eagleton, who went on to play 221 games across 11 seasons for the Club.

Martin’s trade saw the Bulldogs acquire Trent Bartlett (42 games, 34 goals) and pick 32.

With picks 32, 35, 37 and 66, the Bulldogs boosted their national draft hand – which already included picks 13, 43 and 58.

It was a productive draft.

As a result of those trades, the Bulldogs went on to select Daniel Giansiracusa (pick 32, 265 games), Patrick Wiggins (pick 35, 12 games), Mitch Hahn (37, 181 games) and Ryan Hargrave (pick 66, 203 games).

1999 AFL Trades

  • Brett Montgomery and pick 28 (Brent Guerra) were traded to Port Adelaide, for Nathan Eagleton
  • Leon Cameron was traded to Richmond, for picks 37 (Mitch Hahn) and 66 (Ryan Hargrave)
  • Michael Martin was traded to Brisbane, for Trent Bartlett and pick 32 (Daniel Giansiracusa)
  • Stephen Powell was traded to Melbourne, for pick 35 (Patrick Wiggins)