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Bob Murphy’s Columns


Bob Murphy: The uniforms we wear

In Bob Murphy's weekly column, he takes a look at the importance of a uniform.

11:43am Jun 14, 2019


Bob Murphy: Goodsey’s impact

Ahead of Sir Doug Nicholls Round, Bob Murphy details the impact Brett Goodes has had on the Cub.

4:58pm May 23, 2019


Bob Murphy: The power of confidence

Bob Murphy writes about the confidence of Aaron Naughton in this week's column.

12:50pm May 16, 2019


Bob Murphy: Footy’s double-edged sword

Bob Murphy dissects the return to the winners list on Saturday night.

3:56pm May 8, 2019


Bob Murphy: Our house, our home

Bob Murphy writes his weekly column on our home, VU Whitten Oval.

1:57pm May 3, 2019


Bob Murphy: Creating the perfect tune

Bob Murphy breaks down the correlation between music & footy.

11:17am Apr 25, 2019


Bob Murphy: Where are they now (Jim Plunkett)

Bob Murphy caught up with Jim Plunkett ahead of our Sunday clash with Carlton.

4:49pm Apr 17, 2019


Bob Murphy: Tory the table tennis tormentor

Bob Murphy pays tribute to Tory Dickson ahead of his 100th game.

11:19am Apr 11, 2019


Bob Murphy: The Liam I know

Bob Murphy writes a special column on the retiring Liam Picken.

6:50pm Apr 2, 2019


Bob Murphy: Introducing our newest family member

Bob introduces his new Freedom In A Cage co-host, Chris Anstey.

2:40pm Mar 27, 2019