Fiercely proud of our uniquely Western Suburbs heritage – the Bulldogs have represented Melbourne’s West, our geographic heartland, for over 100 years.

Our famous Bulldog fighting spirit mirrors that of the West – where hard work and standing up for what you believe in matters.

We are the team of the Mighty West, for the West, and that was reflected in the tale of our club for many years.

However, our story is no longer only defined by where we come from. Our horizons have lifted, unprecedented opportunities await, and with that there is a moment in time to evolve.

While some things change, some stay the same.

Our Club still exists to bring people together and create lasting memories, as much as it strives to win premierships. It’s still about our people, and their shared passion for the red, white and blue. It’s still about ambition, pride, determination, and having a place to call home. We’ll always be entrenched in our community, embracing the beauty and strength in its diversity.

With emerging AFL and AFLW playing lists laden with talent, our financial destiny in our own hands, and a redevelopment of our Whitten Oval home underway, we can now take this moment to change the perception of being a ‘battler’ Club forever.

To realise our untapped potential, to pay homage to our past but to not let it define us going forward. To build a sustainable, successful football club, both on and off the field.

And it all starts with a story. Our story.

A story for us to embrace, own, and share.

A story that encompasses our past, present and future.

It’s the story of what it means to be a Bulldog ‘Through & Through’.