2019 Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Footscray Football Club Limited (trading as Western Bulldogs) will be held at the Victoria University Whitten Oval on Wednesday 18 December 2019, commencing at 5pm, to receive and consider the 2019 Financial Report, Directors’ Report and Independent Audit Report, announce Office Bearers and Directors, present Life Memberships and to consider any other business of which 28 days’ notice has been given in writing to the Chief Executive and signed by 20 Financial Members.

The 2019 Financial Statements will be available on the Western Bulldogs website on 27 November 2019.

Members have the right to appoint a proxy for the Annual General Meeting. The proxy must be a member of the Club or otherwise approved in writing by the Board. The Proxy Form* is available for download below and at www.westernbulldogs.com.au/agm/proxyform
*If you require paper copies of these forms please contact Sue Clark, Company Secretary on 03 9680 6100.

By Order of the Board, Sue Clark – Company Secretary

AGM Documentation

For the AGM, the following documents are available for download:

1. Proxy Form | Members have a right to appoint a proxy for the AGM. The Proxy must be a member of the Club or otherwise approved in writing by the Board. In the event that a member would like to vote at the AGM but cannot attend the AGM, this Proxy form can be completed nominating another member to vote on their behalf. The completed Proxy form can be brought to the AGM or sent to the Club.

2. Nomination Form | Members who wish to nominate candidates for election to the Board, should note that nominations must be delivered to the Chief Executive no later than 5pm on Wednesday 13 November. Nominations shall be in writing (using this form) and signed by the candidate and by any two of an Ordinary Member, Social Club Member or Life Member, who have each been a member for at least 12 months.

3. 2019 Financial Report