Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon has saved the Club from near-extinction once before.

But even he admits that challenge is nothing compared to what the Bulldogs – and AFL industry – are confronting now

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AFL competition has shut down until at least May 31.

“That was a terrible time but nothing compared to this,” Gordon told SEN.

"What united us in those events, troubling events we've survived in our past, is we worked our way through it by working together, and we'll do that here as well.”

Gordon supported the AFL’s decision to halt the season, labelling it “responsible” given the current circumstances.

There will be significant financial implications to work through, with the Bulldogs’ president urging people to heed the warnings and be socially responsible.

“As much as anything, there’s a real need to message the Australian community that this is not business as usual,” Gordon said.

“Things that might have been taken for granted can’t be.

“I think the AFL shutting down, as much as anything, is a powerful message to people that they need to observe these physical and social distancing measures… for the good of everybody.”